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We founded Aatos in order to radically reform the way services are provided. We strive for services provided ethically, effectively and with a strong emphasis on equality. These basic principles are mirrored throughout Aatos, in its cooperative structure, its provided services, and in our conception of the societal role of Aatos.

We have been awarded the Social Enterprise mark by the Associaton of Finnish work



Currently we realize our vision through four sets of services:

Applied Behavioural Science services bridge contemporary scientific research and everyday practices. It is our goal to provide our clients with novel ways to frame their work, minimize negative group phenomena and increase organizational creativity.
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Training and Education aims to alter the way work is carried out, with emphasis on healthy, sustainable organizations. We at Aatos are specialized in questions of leadership, organizational wellbeing, and ethically challenging situations, yet are open to provide our services from other areas of our expertise upon request.
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Professional supervision services we endeavour to increase the professional growth and well-being of individuals and organizations. We at Aatos are especially focused on two areas of supervision:

  1. Supervision of professionals in leadership and management positions. We believe the wellbeing and interest in professional growth of leaders spurred by supervision will translate into a better functioning and humane organization. Despite their broader share of responsibility, those in leadership positions are often left alone, with little room for professional development.
  2. Supervision of personnel in fields with especial challenges. Aptly timed and well carried out supervision decreases the risk of burnout, vicarious traumatization and increased cynicism, often associated with emotionally demanding occupations. The aim of supervision is to enable the individual and organisation to carry out their work at best possible standards.

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Psychologist and psychotherapy services aim to reconsider the way mental health services are provided. We provide high quality and needs-based client-centered services
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