Psychologist and psychotherapy services available, inquiries via email or by phone (+35844 2434330).

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Psychologist services cover broadly counselling and testing of issues related to emotions, behaviours or social relationships. Individual psychological counselling provides support in acute crises or traumatic events, with mood problems or in situations underscored by changes. We also provide EMDR-therapy for crisis and trauma situations. Psychological testing available upon commission.

Psychologists at Aatos can be reached without referral, by contacting us directly either via email or phone.

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Psychotherapy services include both individual and couples psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is an evidence-based effective treatment for mental disorders. The goal of psychotherapy is to increase self-knowledge, assist in managing challenging life events and/or to discuss events in the past that affect present wellbeing and behaviour. Psychotherapy is provided at Aatos either at own cost without referral, or as rehabilitative psychotherapy partly covered by the Social Insurance Institution (find out more here).

– Unfortunately no new openings left in 2019 for SII-covered therapies.

The psychologists and psychotherapists at Aatos are healthcare professionals licensed by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health.