Applied Behavioural Science services of Aatos are centered on utilizing the most recent knowledge in psychology and behavioural sciences in organizations and communities.

There is a revolution underway in how we understand human behaviour. In the light of current research people are susceptible to cognitive biases and fallacies, oftentimes act altruistically against their own good, and are liable to environmental factors in their decision making. This change in thinking in large part forms the theoretical basis of behavioural economics and the Nudge theory. They aim to enhance the good of the individuals and organizations by focusing on the design of choice architecture, altering the environmental factors and practices where our choices are carried out. However, in such nudging it is of first-rate importance to increase the transparency of the effects of choice architecture to maintain and further self-determination.

The professionals at Aatos are experts in human behaviour, and are happy to consider commissions from related fields, such as behavioural economics. Additionally, we are specialised in strategic foresight and futures scenario work to aid in the mapping of your organisations future strategy and vision.

Every services are individually tailored to suite the needs of your organisation.

Examples of services

Behavioural science interventions

  • Practical behavioural science problem solving. We engage a specific challenge at the host organization from both a specific and systemic perspective, and – when applicable – consider possible ways forward, with either plans of action or a specific intervention. Efficacy research may be carried out as part of the commission.
  • Nudge-ideation -workshop. Includes an introduction to the topic by way of examples, followed by a practical workshop aimed to utilize the dormant potential within the organization.

Red Teaming

Is your organization about to launch a new product, to renew its strategy, or wishes to improve institutional flexibility? Aatos provides Red Team services and training for organizational development. Red Teaming aims to bypass groupthink and cognitive biases and fallacies, and to provide an independent critical viewpoint to support strategic decision making.

Aatos either i) provides your organization with an external team of professionals, tasked with assessing the probable blind spots, weaknesses and outcomes, and with providing an alternative (so-called devils advocate) view; or ii) trains personnel and organizations in Red Team practices.

For commissions requiring special expertise and/or a larger workforce, we broaden our team with vetted external professionals.

  • Red Team -intervention
  • Red Team as part of your organization? -lecture
  • Red Team -training

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