Training and education services of Aatos aim to increase wellbeing of both individuals and organizations.  We are specialized in topics such as ethical questions in social and heathcare, management of work-related stress, and vicarious or secondary traumatization. Aatos provides your organization with broader training packages, shorter workshops, lectures, or services tailored to suite your organisations needs.

Examples of available services

Ethical leadership

Aatos provides training and consulting services about ethical leadership.


  • Ethical leadership -workshop
  • Mapping of organizations ethical values and principles
  • Ethical issues in leadership -lecture

Services can be tailored to suite the needs of your organization.

Ethical issues in social- and healthcare

Professional ethics is a central topic for Aatos. Ethically sustainable professional culture is not only absolutely necessary for client safety and humane care, but an essential feature for a healthy, stable and open work community. Shared framework for dealing with, and sharing of, challenging scenarios and situations increases job satisfaction, productivity and sense of community at work.


  • Communal professional ethics -training (for the whole work community or organisation. Incl. modules for employees and management)
  • Ethical issues in social- and healthcare -lecture
  • Treatment of ethical challenges

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